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Reception Pupils' area

Welcome to the Reception Class Home Page.

From this page you will be able to find useful information. You will  be able to visit the Class Blog containing a summary of what we have done during the week. This will help you to support your child at home as from past experience we know that your child has probably told you that they have done nothing but played! We will also try to  add a few photos.


Reception Class Blog 2020

Please visit our class blog regularly for a weekly update. This will help you to have an insight of your childs learning and enable you to support them at home. To view the class blog Click Here.

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What have we been doing......

Take a look at our weekly blog to see what we have been doing in school and how you can help and support at home.

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Home Learning

We now have home access to Education City. This is an excellent website with lots of games to support your child's learning at home. To access the site, please click on the image below. Your child has been given their own personal user name and password to enable them to login. Enjoy!

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